Our Mission

A photo of RS Precision's headquarters set against a blue sky
RS Precision’s mission is to produce performance-critical precision parts that provide added value to our clients.

Methodology. We take the time to truly understand how a part should perform–and why. And then we do something unique: We creatively engineer a manufacturing process that goes beyond your blueprint to maximize not only the part’s performance, but your value.

Multi-process capability. We utilize a robust range of processes–including EDM, CNC, Tooling, Process Engineering, Video Inspection and SPC process control–which provide the flexibility to tackle any close-tolerance challenge.

Quality. Our onsite work is 100% AS9100 certified and ISO 9001:2015 certified. RS Precision continually monitors its process capability and re-engineers and improves processes in order to produce ultra-precision quality parts on time every time.

Team. We have an extraordinary loyal and skilled staff who are motivated by the trust and commitment we’ve received from our clients over the past 65-plus years.

Facility. Although we’re proud of our beginnings as a local tool and die shop, we’re even prouder of our progression to our modern, ultra-clean, state-of-the-art facility that offers the finest in equipment and technology including a Prototype Shop for process innovation and rapid turnaround of prototypes and short runs, and Mitsubishi EA8PV-Advance which is capable of producing holes down to .001″ diameter and holes to .006″ diameter with aspect ratios greater than 10:1.

Value. We’re sensitive to your budget, and even more sensitive to value. That’s why we will make the very best part possible with an eye toward your particular cost objectives.