Case Studies

After being selected the single source for a medical precision part, RS Precision continues to innovate the production process to achieve optimal results!


A global original equipment manufacturer approached us looking for a single source for a very small, complex, close-tolerance part that forms the heart of the deflection assembly of a miniature, flexible endoscope. Previously, the OEM had been dealing with four separate suppliers and was experiencing significant costs from scrap losses at each supplier. Moreover, there were considerable final product quality issues.

The Challenge:

After being awarded the contract, and before engineering the production process, RS Precision inquired as to the nature of the quality issues. We realized that an entirely different production approach was required in order to prevent and eliminate these concerns. Our process required that a specialized fixturing be designed and perfected that would allow a simple inexpensive part blank to be loaded once, with all subsequent machining operations performed in a cellular fashion without disturbing the part in the fixture. Initially, the process was successful in producing good parts consistently, with almost no scrap. However, the fixturing was not optimal, and production was limited to about 80 pieces per day.

The Solution:

Through continuous process improvement and further fixturing innovations, RS Precision has increased production to almost 300 per day, and our inventive process has proven to be one of the most successful production processes we have ever developed. We have shipped over 200,000 pieces in the past 10 years with zero defects or late deliveries.