EDM Secondaries

Looking for a world-class EDM technology specialist to handle those micro machine headache jobs?

RS Precision has been specializing in contract EDM services since 1960. As a true pioneer in EDM, our roots are firmly in sinker-style EDM, although we also mastered Wire EDM in the late ’90s.

Our sinker EDMs are three-, four- and five-axis CNCs, and our Wire EDMs are five and six axis. We also have fast-hole EDM, as well as an Ultra-Precision, Micro-Hole EDM with the capability of making high precision holes as small as .008” diameter with aspect ratios of 50:1, and even smaller holes, but with smaller aspect ratios. The smallest hole we can do is about .001” diameter!

We complement our EDM capability with a Roku-Roku high-speed, ultra-precision, four-axis CNC machining center (dedicated to graphite) for efficiently producing sinker EDM electrodes to very high tolerances. We also have two- and three-axis CNC Surface and Form Grinding for producing more specialized electrodes. RS Precision’s skilled technicians and automated video inspection ensure that your parts consistently meet specifications. We can provide SPC data, including CpKs upon request. And, we are ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100 certified. We also have the expertise to design and build very sophisticated high-quality fixturing at the lowest possible cost.

In addition to providing virtually all types of EDM Secondary Operations, RS Precision is also your single source for complete parts with EDM. Unlike many other EDM shops, we are capable of producing your most demanding and challenging parts with EDM complete to print. This eliminates the logistical and financial headaches of having to shuttle parts from supplier to supplier, and the inevitable finger pointing that occurs when things go wrong.