Fixturing & Prototyping

When RS Precision designed its new facility in 2007, we established a dedicated shop within a shop especially for the production of fixturing and tooling, new process development, and fast turnaround of prototypes and short run production. This allows us to better serve our customers’ most demanding needs for ultra-precision, complex parts in a unique and cost-effective way. We always strive to form close partnerships with our customers so that we can go “Beyond the Blueprint” in understanding how their parts will be used, and what their intended functions are so that we can design and hone our manufacturing processes to produce the best-performing part at the lowest total cost.

Our rapid prototyping shop includes  one of each type of production machine in addition to the more typical tool room equipment. This allows us to develop and prove out new processes without disrupting our regular production flow and deliver a more “mature” process and tooling to the production department, thus reducing lead time and cost for new process development. The tool room is also able to utilize sophisticated technology such as Wire EDM machining and CNC Milling services to produce better fixtures more quickly and cost-effectively.

When your needs and lead-time are demanding, you need RS Precision.