by Mike Pentecoste

Every reputable company has an absolute promise to their customers that they guarantee, that sets them apart from the competition. Ours is to produce complex, mission-critical parts that meet AS9100 and ISO 9001 standards, on time, every time. So, when we saw orders go up a full 48% over the past three years, we knew that if we didn’t make a few necessary investments in our company right away, we weren’t going to be able to keep up with the demand, or our on-time delivery promise.

Facility Expansion

As orders for complex aerospace and defense parts nearly doubled, it became apparent to us that we needed room to grow. The first thing we did was to expand our company-owned shop an additional 3,000 feet to 18,000 square feet.

Now that we had some much-needed elbow room, we were ready for our next significant investment.

New Equipment

With the additional space in our shop, we were able to order two new vertical mills that allowed us an almost limitless range of precise, consistent, and, of course, high-quality shapes we can produce, even “Beyond the Blueprint.” More machines for us mean more output for you.


High-quality precision parts begin with highly skilled operators. After we invested in new mills, we invested in our staff’s bi-weekly training so they could gain as much knowledge of the new technology, capabilities, and methods of these machines as possible.


Quality assurance is at the forefront of every decision and purchase we make, especially when it comes to the Aerospace & Defense industry where there is zero room for failure. As an added layer of consistency and accuracy, our new vertical mills feature computerized quality-control inline testing to produce precise, mission-critical parts, every time.

We made all of these investments in our company to ensure the success of yours.

Would you like to see how our investments have paid off? I would be more than happy to arrange a private tour of our facility or answer any of your questions. Please contact me at

Mike Pentecoste, Vice President, Business Development

Mike brings more than 40 years of machining excellence, innovation, and business savvy to RS Precision, which he joined in 2015. He built his reputation by running his own company, Monolith Manufacturing Corporation, where for 25 years Mike specialized in mold making and CNC machining for the aerospace and defense industry. Today, as Vice President, Business Development, Mike leads RS Precision’s aerospace and defense initiatives, producing a multitude of complex parts that demand precision CNC capabilities.