Diverse and Precise Machining Solutions From a Single Source.

Highly complex configurations? Ultra-close tolerances? Difficult to machine materials? As a multi-process master, RS Precision develops the most advantageous manufacturing solution, one that produces the best performing and most consistent complex part at a competitive cost. Our company-owned 14,000 square foot facility in Farmingdale, New York, houses over 50 state-of-the-art machines which are either upgraded or expanded yearly.


We offer both traditional and non-traditional machining processes:

  • Multi-Axis CNC Milling and Turning
  • CNC Wire and Sinker EDM
  • CNC Form and Surface Grinding
  • Precision surface and form grinding


Our work? It’s complicated:

  • Multi-axis machining, including milling and turning in a single setup.
  • Precision machining of materials ranging from composites to hardened steels.
  • Advanced grinding methods for integrity of both form and surface.
  • In-house assembly for one-stop convenience and shorter lead-times.
  • Holes to .001 diameter
  • Slots to .001 wide
  • High-precision tolerances to +/- .0001


A Highly Collaborative Approach
Delivers Performance and Value—
from ‘Print To Part.

Zero tolerance for failure is why aerospace designers and engineers rely on RS Precision’s multi-process capabilities to take their complex parts above and beyond. Our work includes:

  • Sophisticated components used in jet engine fuel control systems
  • Housings, chassis and frames for avionic and electronic devices
  • Complex components used in bomb release units for jet fighters and heat exchanger cores for jet aircraft

Above: CNC Vertical Milled, Precision Bored
Helical Coil Assembly.
Tight tolerance held to .0003.
Deep Pockets.

Above: CNC Vertical Milled,
High Speed CNC
Precision concentricity
held to .001.

Above: High Tolerances
Full assembly with rivets,
helical coils.
6061 aluminum.
JSF housing Interface.

Above: 5-Axis Turned and Milled in a Single Operation
Concentricity and precision in
15-5 SS.

Above: Multi-Axis CNC Machined, Precision Ground
Safety critical.
Custom 465 SS.
Tolerances held to .0002.