CNC Grinding

Grinding is one of the oldest and most precise machining services. However, it’s also considered the most “craftsman-like” of all the processes, requiring highly skilled operators with many years of practice. Because RS Precision’s roots were in the Tool and Die industry, we have extensive experience in Form and Surface Grinding. We’ve successfully transitioned grinding to the 21st century by incorporating CNC surface grinding machines that are capable of dressing complex forms on the grinding wheel and executing sequences of operations using those wheels on precision parts, fixtures, and for producing precision Sinker EDM electrodes. Thus, our CNC Grinding services create a special synergy with our other specialized machining capabilities that is greater than the sum of the parts.

Typical grinding applications include finishing very tight tolerance features and relationships on complex, precision-machined parts with critical surface finish and geometric form tolerances as well as producing very tight tolerance sinker EDM electrodes both quickly and cost-effectively.

We also perform highly specialized, small cylindrical grinding operations with very tight tolerances, very fine surface finish requirements, and complex shapes and forms that are difficult to produce on conventional cylindrical grinders, even if they too are CNC.

It is unusual for a typical machine shop to have more than one or two surface grinders, used mainly for squaring up blanks or fixture components, or possibly to produce or sharpen special cutting tools. At RS Precision, we have a total of 12 surface grinders, including five CNC surface grinders. When combined with our extensive CNC Milling and Turning capabilities, as well as our CNC Sinker and Wire EDM capabilities, they create a unique facility for producing your complex parts “The Best They Can Be.”