RS Precision is located in a modern, ultra-clean manufacturing facility.

Our state-of-the-art equipment, combined with the skilled craftsmanship of our dedicated staff, ensures that your most rigorous specifications will be met and your products will outperform those of your competitors. Our equipment includes the best in CNC Machining, Electrical Discharge Machining and Surface/Form Grinding. Our engineering department uses sophisticated CAD/CAM software to solve your most challenging manufacturing problems. We also utilize an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning System networked throughout the company to keep us on top of your project and its status at all times.

Our state-of-the-art equipment includes:

(1) Mori Seiki NT-1000-ZSM Multi-Axis CNC Machining Center, 12,000 5-Axis Milling Spindle with 76 Position Tool Changer, 6,000 RPM and 2.5” Bar Capacity Main and Sub-Spindles, Automatic Bar Feeder

(3) DMG-MORI MillTap 700 Vertical Machining Centers, 25,000 rpm, 4th-axis, 27” X 16” X 15” Z
(1) Roku-Roku HC 548 Graphite Vertical Machining Center, 4 Axis, 32,000 RPM, Blum Laser Toolsetter – X 18”, Y 14”, Z 10” Travel
(1) Cincinatti Sabre 2000 Vertical Machining Center (80” x 30” travel, 10,000 RPM, 21 Tools, 15 HP)
(1) Cincinatti Sabre 1000 Vertical Machining Center (40” x 20” travel, 8,000 RPM, 21 Tools, 15 HP)
(2) Fanuc RoboDrill 21iD Vertical Machining Center, 4-Axis, 24,000 RPM, Renishaw Laser Toolsetter, – 20”x16”x13”
(1) Matsuura MC-600V Vertical Machining Center, 7,000 RPM Dual Range 16″x24″x18″ travels
(1) Daewoo DMV-500 Vertical Machining Center, 10,000 RPM 19″x40″x24″ travels
(3) Haas CNC 5C-Indexing Head (Integrated with CNC Machines)
(1) Light Machines BenchMan-XT V.M.C., 4-AXIS, 45,000 RPM, 6.5″x12″x8″

(1) Hardinge Elite MS-27 CNC Lathe with 8,000 rpm spindle and subspindle, 16-position turret with live tooling, and magazine type automatic bar feeder.
(2) Omniturn CNC turning attachment on Hardinge DSM Lathe, with pneumatic collet closer and 24” automatic bar feed.

(4) Mitsubishi MD+PRO III, 5 axis, linear motors, .004-.012 wire, 16” X 12” Y x 8.7” Z
(1) Mitsubishi FA10S, 6 axis, fast auto-threading, .004-.012 wire, 10” X 14” Y x 7.8” Z
(1) Mitsubishi MD+PRO II, 5 axis, fast auto- threading, .004-.012 wire, 13” X 10” Y x 8.6” Z

(1) DrillMate 430i, 4-axis CNC ‘Hole Popper’ Fast-Hole EDM, .004”-.250” dia., w/auto electrode/guide changer
(1) Mitsubishi EA8-PV Micro-Hole EDM, 1,000 psi flushing, 6 pos guide changer, 16 pos tool changer
(1) Agietron ADVANCE, 26 Position Toolchanger, 7 Ra finish, C-axis, 64 Amp P/S, 30”x20”x14” Stroke
(5) Agie-Elox MONDO Star 20 CNC, 4 Position Toolchanger, C-axis, 40 Amp P/S, 10”x12”x10” Stroke
(1) Agie-Elox MONDO 20 CNC, with C-axis, 40 Amp Power Supply, 10”x12”x10” Stroke


(2) Chevalier Smart B818, Full 3-Axis, 8” x 18” chuck, with variable speed spindle.
(1) Unison Model 2000, Full 3-Axis, 6” x 18” chuck, with variable speed spindle.
(1) Harig 618 EZ-SURF CNC Surface Grinder, 6” x 18” chuck, with creep feed option

(1) Harig Autostep III Surface Grinders, 6″x18″ Chucks, Modified for .000 050 Downfeed Increment
(4) Brown & Sharpe 510 & 612 Manual Surface Grinders with 6″x12″ Chucks
(1) Boyer Schulz Challenger 2A Hydraulic Surface Grinders with 6″x18″ Chucks
(1) Newbould motorized indexing fixture with bed and tail stock, .000 050 TIR spindle

(2) Bridgeport Vertical Milling Machine, rebuilt, with Prototrak 2-axis CNC Retrofit
(1) Do-All Vertical Band Saw (1) Kalamazoo Horizontal Band Saw
(1) Cadillac 14″x28″ Toolroom Lathe
(3) Lapmaster 15” dia. automatic lapping machines
(1) Sweco 3.0 cu. ft. Vibratory Deburring Machine
(1) Grav-I-Flow C-4-454 Gyra-Finish Centrifugal Deburring Machine

(1) Keyence IM-6225 Instant Measurement System (4” x 8” capacity, .5 micron accuracy!)
(1) Hexagon 4.5.4 SF Shop Floor Hardened CMM, w/PC-DMIS CAD software and SPC interface
(1) OGP Smart Scope Flash 200 Automated Video Inspection System, with 8” x 8” x 6” Travel, .000040 Resolution,
(1) Ram Optical Sprint Video Inspection System, 25X-480X Magnification, .000040 resolution
(1) Heidenheim Linear Height Gage with .000 005 resolution
(2) Brown & Sharpe Digit-Hite Plus Electronic Height Gages, 0″-24″ Capacity, .0001 Accuracy
(1) Brown & Sharpe Data-Stat SPC Mini-Processor
(1) Mitutoyo DP-3DX, SPC Digimatic Mini-Processor
(11) Assorted Electronic Micrometers and Indicators for use with above SPC Mini Processors
(1) Mitutoyo Surftest 201 Profilometer Surface Finish Gage
(3) Jones & Lamson 14” Optical Comparators, 10X-100X, Reflection, DRO’s
(10) 20X-40X Binocular Stereo Microscopes with Fiber Optic Illuminators
(18) Granite Surface Plates, 12″x18″ thru 24″x36″
(1) Sets, Webber 1″ square “Croblox” Gage Blocks
(1) Rahn Surf-O-Meter, with Mahr .000020″ Indicator
(1) Galileo Rockwell Hardness Tester

(1) DataMyte SPC electronic data collection system
(1) MINITAB for Windows (Release 14) SPC Software.
(1) QI Macros SPC Software.

(1) Mastercam Vers. X10, 3D Programming System, Direct Wired to CNC Machines
(1) Mastercam Wire Vers. X10, 3D Programming System for Wire EDM Machines
(1) SolidWorks Office Premium, Solid Modeling Software with advanced FEA capability

(1) “M1” by ECI: Fully Integrated ERP System, Including Job Costing, Scheduling, Data Collection, Lead Management, Quoting and Estimating, Purchasing, Inventory, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, and Payroll
(1) ASI DATAMYTE “DataMetrics” SPC process monitoring and control system