Multi Axis Mill Turning

For complex-featured, multi-process parts that hold the tightest tolerances and the quickest turnaround time

The impossible becomes possible
For complex, close tolerance parts in low to medium volumes, our fleet of multi-axis mill turn machines allow us to produce complete, complex, finished parts in one step, including both turning and 5-axis milling operations. Because machining is accomplished on one operation in a fraction of the time, parts can be shipped quickly, unlike traditional, sequential, multi-step processing.

Multi-axis machines provide several benefits:

  • Faster delivery of parts due to one-piece flow
  • Increased part accuracy/consistency through reduced fixturings
  • Improved dimensional integrity
  • Complex shapes can be made in a single operation
  • Unparalleled precision while creating a wide range of complex configurations and unusual shapes

A more perfect final product
Since multi-axis milling only requires one clamping of the workpiece, setup takes less time and variations are reduced. The process of re-positioning the workpiece at a complex angle is also simplified. This not only also shortens the time required to produce each part but also saves money by reducing fixturing requirements. The machining of features at complex angles is also simplified.

Shorter lead time
Multi-axis machining enables one-piece flow, so instead of waiting weeks or months, we can begin shipping finished pieces much sooner, sometimes the same week production is started.

With our advanced fleet of multi-axis CNC milling and turning equipment, RS Precision can produce complex parts other shops simply cannot.